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Rivne recreation park Shevchenko – a monument of landscape art of national importance, is located in the center of Rivne. It was founded in the late 18th century. Today, the age of individual trees reaching 150-200 years. Nowadays Taras Shevchenko Park occupies 32 hectares and has 5 zones of quiet rest, leisure, entertainment facilities, sports and children’s sector.

Park “Jubilee” and amusement park “Play-end” has recently become a favorite holiday destination and picnics for adults and children. The park operates a children’s playground, amusement, carousel. In terms of local government – equip in this area beach area near the artificial pond.


Everyone knows that the water park is in exactly two lakes, located near the children’s railway. It is artificial lakes in the area of streets and Botanical Stepan Bandera and form one of the favorite places rovenchan.
However, the water park is actually composed of two parts.
First — it is the vanguard of the lake near the stadium. and the lake near the museum (Lebedinka).
The second part of the hydro runs along the river mouths and begins at the intersection of Quay Street and Sagaidachnogo. It is here along the river, spring, bloom beautifully willow, creating a unique warmth and beauty.
The park stretches Even in the stadium on the street Nabergnaya. Here you can stroll and admire the beautiful alley spectacular views of the river Ustia.

Memorial Hall. was inaugurated in May 1985 on the 40th anniversary of Victory Day. At the heart of the monument – a dynamic 8-meter high sculptural composition soldiers, guerrillas and girls. Today is a holiday destination and exploring many of the equation.

Lake bass Angle – man-made pond Rivne. The lake was created in the existing stream channel mouths. Already for many years a place beach holiday equations and ideal for fishing.

Rivne mototreka Built in 1959. First competition held May 24, 1959 year. Last renovated 1983years after 700 years of Rivne. Subsequently, a special track committee recognized Rivne mototreka best in Europe.

Stadium “Avangard” – multifunctional Stadium, located in Rovaniemi, which is used for football matches and athletics competitions, is the scene of the home matches of local football club “Heather.”

Rivne romantic. In Rivne in the park Young, in the city center, established several original architectural metal compositions – “Love Swans’ coach and” Heart “. Equations of all time called the park “Lebedynkoyu” because there are always floating swans. Now these songs are memorable places of meeting lovers and sometimes photo shoots for honeymooners.

Rivne children’s railway – institution-school education of children, acquainting them with the railway specialties. The road is located in the city center on the banks of the river mouths. Road to nowhere, with two stations and lake-Guerrilla (formerly Pioneer). In a way laid rails R43. Is the bridge and culverts.

Road is open from early May to late August, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Sendingfirst train to Art. Guerrilla at 09:00 and then every hour until17:00 .