Kultur- und Kunsteinrichtungen

1. Rivne Regional Ukrainian Drama Theatre was founded in 1939. Main stage theater can accommodate 639 theater hlyadachiv.eU constantly working was a scene that in its light and sound equipment, facilities the hall with 100 seats, is one of the best in Ukraine. nsRivnenskyy Music and Drama became famous because self? IU on its stage for the first time in Ukraine had been a premiere staging of “King Lear” by William Shakespeare. Also on stage Rivne Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater performed the world’s first production stage adaptations and novel countryman Ulas Samchuk “Maria” national tragedy “Tears of the Mother of God.” Team Rivne Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater tours extensively around the country and abroad.

Address: Rivne, Theatre Square, 1, 63-34-47 Rivne, Theatre Square, 1, Tel.: 223-074, 63-34-47 (Cass House)

2. Beginning of the modern Rivne Regional Museum can be considered in 1940 – it was the year in February, based on the existing in organized historical museum. Besides school, which has had the status of a secondary school in the walls of this room was Department of Education Government Directorate, headed by John James, kuratorium County school Volyn, Ukraine Reichscommissariat driven Erich Koch and Regional Committee Communist Party. The house was built in the style of a provincial classicism. This best architectural monument of XIX century is rightly placed in their halls of historical and natural gains Rivne.

Museum is open daily except Monday, from 10-00 to 18-00.

Address: st. Drahomanova 19, Rivne

3. Amber Museum opened in Rovaniemi in 2010 at the Rovno amber factory. It is set in a building Rivne house scientists have independently issued early XX century. The museum has kept many raw exhibits unique beauty and abundance of handmade jewelry. Among the exhibits are pieces of amber up to 40 million years old, found at different times in Rivne region.

Address: Rivne, str. Petliura, 17

Hours: 10 – 18 days off – Monday and Saturday.

4. Rivne zoo – zoological park of national importance in Rivne – is one of the youngest in Ukraine. He began to be established in 1982. Every year our zoo visits more than 150 thousand people. Rivne Ukraine’s only zoo where you can see polar wolf, which was brought from the Czech Republic. Each year, the zoo held traditional holidays – the opening of the season, children’s day, oil.

Works daily from 9-00 to 20-00 in the winter from 9-00 to 17-00

5. Art Gallery “Zuza” is a private project and founded October 15, 2006. Gallery has several activities, the main exhibition activities. It hosts art exhibitions of well-known not only professional artists but also young talented artists. The gallery can purchase unique works of famous and little-known artists – paintings, drawings, sculptures, works of masters of applied art.

Address: Rivne, Independence Square, 3

6. Art-cafe “Salvador Dali” – first facility level where you can not just drink a cup of drink, but also to enjoy the works of photography. A unique musical mood in coffee creates talented musicians of different generations. You can hear songs from the young progressive DJ-s, modern rock and good old jazz. When the gallery has photoclub “White Rabbit” and the first in the private fotoshkola O.Kupchynskoho.

Address: Rivne, str. Hetman Polubotok, 4